Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cha cha cha changing !

Most people hate change and yet my life seems so full of it but I have grown accustom to change in my life and think that it has finally come to a point when I expect it. Most people call me a strong person because of all the change in my life but I feel weak because of it all. I guess outward appearances are very different from the inside of a person.
I grew up wanting to be a veterinarian and here I am a jeweler making my own jewelry. Not what I expected to do in my life but now I'm loving it.
I've raised 5 boys in my life, I never thought that I would have that many and only boys but I loved every minute of it and they make me who I am today. They grow older and move out which is one change I have to say that I truly hate. If I could keep them always closer, I would be the happiest woman ever but they grow up, have children (yes, I'm a grandma) and one even passed away too young at 21. He will be forever missed. They are all forever in my heart.
I've had every kind of animal I ever could, owning a small farm at one time with cows, goats, chickens & horses to name a few. Now here in our small house, we have just cats and dogs and breed our collies each year.
The last 7 years of changes have been the hardest but they have also lead me to the most happiest in my life that I have even been. I moved from the worst relationship ever into a fantastic one with a man that I always find amazing each and every day. Thank you Kevin for Loving me ! Even now with my terrible health, he stands by me through it all. He takes off of work for every doctor appointment, hugs me when I'm down and listens to me ramble when I need to talk about nothing. He inspires me to grow each and every day.
Life is about change and even though its hard at times, without change, we can never grow into what we love.

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  1. It also reminded me of Art Deco Fashion Jewelry and how I'd recently discovered that he loves.

    Thanks for this fabulous post! I have seen such beautiful jewelry but never knew the name of the maker. I'll keep my eyes open now. I can see how stunning these would look on a solid colored outfit.

    You have a great eye! Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Thanks for sharing your collection. Its always a treat to read about someones personal collection, and why they love what they love. These jewelry are stunning, they must look fabulous with a little black dress.