Friday, May 29, 2009

New Blog with a give away !

well, I started this new blog so it will be only about the shop and everything new and exciting that is for sale there.
So to start the new blog off right, I'm going to offer a give away for some nifty Lost things !!

Ways to win you ask??? Well all you have to do is leave a comment! Just one please. doubles can make it hard to add up. But this only gives you one single little chance to win!!! Well of course I wouldn't do that to you. You can earn bonus entries! Just note the bonus points you are earning in your comment! (button and code below)

Single comment = one entry
Single comment and blogging/twitter/facebook about this giveaway = 5 entries
Single comment, blogging/twitter/facebook about giveaway, and posting button in your blog sidebar = 10 entries
The winner will win this lovely LOST mug with which ever Dharma logo on it they want, two fridge magnets and a Lost pendant. You can check out the Mugs on the site here. and pick one from there. Here is a button you can add to link back to the blog


Now if you should NOT be the lucky person who wins the 'LOST gifts' that's okay don't worry! I am selling the same gifts at my web site. You can always pre-order as well by going to my website

The Giveaway entries will be accepted from now, until June 14th at 10pm. Then I'll take a day or so to tally up the entries and we'll let the random generator pick the lucky numbers! No favorites played here, after all this is serious business to us Lost fanatics ! Good Luck!