Friday, January 6, 2012

Filigree work !

My mom had shown me a pin she bought close to where I live. It's a filigree pin that is worn in Norway and is well known there as a special type of work they wear with their Norwegian type outfits. So I wanted to learn how to make some filigree work myself and get better at it. I asked for a neat book for Christmas and my loving sister gave it to me as a gift.I just love it and when we were waiting at the hospital for Kevin's test results which took 5 hours to get done, I started sketching out some designs to make when I got home. My first one was this one made with Obsidian and Carnelian and I love it !
then I moved on to hearts for Valentines day. I made three of them.

I'm really enjoying them ! Today I think I will make a horse and a couple other designs that I have come up with. They can all be found in my shop Please let me know if you like them ! I find it alot of fun to make !

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  1. that obsidian necklace went out the door as fast as it was made ! I love that when people like my work as much as I love making it !