Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cooking up a storm !

I have always loved to cook and since I was young, I asked for cooking tools to put in a hope chest in hopes that I would have a family to cook for. I married young and haven't stopped cooking since. I raise the first crew of 4 boys and now they are all grown but wow, what a chore cooking for so many at once but I loved every minute of it. Now with one young one again and a man that I love dearly, things are so different. Learning to cook for a smaller family is hard when your used to cooking for lots of people. I still make way too much when I cook and there is always left overs here. this week the apple fairy's dropped off 6 bushels of apples and I've been canning them since then. Apple pie filling first, then apple butter and now apple sauce. we also started making our own pizza on Tuesday nights since we realized we were spending way too much at the local pizza shop in town. so here is some of our stash for the week. I could really use some more apple recipes too if you have some, leave them in the comments. thanks ~ Lisa

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  1. What kind of apple recipes are you looking for? I've got one for a simply DIVINNNNNEEE apple cake!

    When you're making it, you swear you're doing it wrong because the batter's so thick, but it's supposed to be. It cooks up like a coffee cake, super dense. But it's also moist and full of goodness!

    I always use gala or courtland apples for mine and I put in the vanilla extract. I also always put in walnuts if I have them on hand. If not, I'll put in whatever nuts I have but walnuts really do taste best.

    Enjoy if you choose to make this! That pizza looks delish, you should put the recipe up!