Monday, November 1, 2010

Vampire Diaries locket ~Done !

I was making this for a customer and now it's finally all done except setting the pin in the hinge. I think that's the hardest part, at least for me. I'm a learn as you go gal and this one has been a learning experience all as I went. It was my first gem stone setting and it came out fine. I watch alot of blogs that show their work on how it's done and luckily I'm one of the people that picks up learning the best that way. Show me how to do something by photos and video and I can usually do it. I am very thankful for that gift! My mother also taught us to craft growing up and it made us think and do for ourselves as we grew. Every time I craft I think of her and how that time together made me feel close to her and her love. I know my sister Cherish's that gift as well as we both pass it on to our children.
Anyway, before I get all sappy, here's the locket I made this weekend. Now on to Bella's Moon stone ring, someone at the local grocery store said she would give us our food for free for that ring lol (I should have taken her up on that since we spent a ton that day)


  1. Wow, Lisa! This really came out great! I love all the details in the top of it! Nice work! :)

  2. I have one of your lockets and got another for a friend! Can't get enough of them...:D would definitely buy another! XD Let me know if you ever make them again!

  3. I can make you another one but it would have to be this week since I am having surgery next week and will be out a long time after. Just let me know right away if your interested and I can give you my paypal addy.