Wednesday, June 17, 2009

inherited the shop

My friend and I had a shop around 5 years ago that was going to be all jewelry. It ended up being alot of jewelery plus ceramics, blown glass and photography. We started it as a joint venture and then she decided it would be all hers and I could work for her. Being that I needed the job and she was my best friend, I agreed. I wasn't too happy but none the less it was good work and a job that I could work around my divorce court dates and my sons school. She passed away New Years last year and I inherited the shop. Wow ! I wasn't expecting that ! I was asked if I wanted the things and I of course said yes not knowing what to expect. I didn't hear from her husband till last week. Now the house is a mess with things everywhere while we try and get it all organized and arranged. Then we will list it all on the website. It's going to take a while since we are redesigning the whole office and work room to accommodate the supplies. It's bitter sweet. I made alot of the things myself plus did most of the grunt work to get the store going and now it's all here in my home. But missing my best friend. Here is a preview of what you can expect in the shop in a month or two. First we have to tear out the office and add new shelves and then check each box and photograph everything so it can be listed. Alot of the jewelry needs repairs because I don't like the clasps. other than that, it will all be up in the next month or two.

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